Thursday, June 21, 2007

Public Library Budge Cuts -- Act Now.

Please share widely!!

There are severe—to the tune of $800 K!! -- budgetary cuts proposed for the Nashville Metro libraries. These cuts would deeply affect the Main downtown library including our superb story time and children’s programming, but also other branch days & hours of operation as well as staffing. These cuts go up for vote beginning Tuesday. One of the great equalizers and community builders, the PUBLIC library brings art, literature, culture and a haven to all walks of life in our city. Keep it so!

*Even IF you’ve already written to your council person, the budget committee needs to hear from its constituents—I am told that this is the only way to have your voice heard and to possibly STOP these cuts.* A simple email in support of the library and in opposition of the proposed cuts will do the trick. Please send your email here:

(Need a template for an email? Holler.)

Here’s WSMV’s piece from last weekfeaturing Nashville MAU Deanna Pilkenton.

And here, Suburban Turmoil in yesterday’s Nashville Scene gives the issue some ink.


  1. Thank you for bringing this to our attention.

  2. Oh, hell no! I'm writing my protest email right now. Thanks for the heads-up (I need to get to story time so I know what's up!).