Friday, June 1, 2007

Pokey little life of mine.

Lasagna style, in the ground and in pots, here's how our garden grows thus far: straight eight cucumbers, bright lights swiss chard, paste tomatoes, green to gold bell peppers, dill, cilantro, chives, oregano, rosemary, Mexican sunflowers, broccoli (Ziggy's favorite!), cantaloupe, butternut squash, Black Beauty zucchini....

There are also small beds and pots of vinca, impatiens, petunias and a white lacy border plant whose name I do not recall.

More to come with the additional bed construction completion, including: flat leaf parsley, sweet basil, cosmos, giant sunflowers, wando peas, scarlet runner beans, black filet bush beans, heirloom brandywine tomatoes, cooking carrots, some more seeds for succession planting, plus the lettuces and pumpkins and other goodies for later in the season.

When there's more time, I'll post some photos of my work in progress, and leave you with these of my fellas checking out an extra large garden slug.


  1. Wow! Ziggy loves broccoli! Sounds like a great garden.

  2. I'm so impressed! We only managed to plant basil, dill, and parsley, because this mama doesn't speak gardening. I'm learning, though!