Monday, June 4, 2007

Car seat safety.

Car seat safety is serious business, so the rest of life can be fun!

Thanks to pediatric RN & Child Passenger Safety Tech Karen for the hook up on this information.

Her advice during my first year of motherhood made the choice to be an extended rear facing family easy, even though that meant the added expense of moving from the Britax Roundabout (which we LOVED) and spent a fair piece on, to the Britax Marathon. I SO should have taken the advice of my sister-in-law who also has tall babies, as our Ziggy outpaced his rear facing Roundabout before he hit weight limit. At 27 pounds, Ziggy has six pounds yet to go prior to hitting the rear facing weight limit. Once he does, we'll have both the Roundabout and the Marathon for forward facing in our vehicles.

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