Friday, March 23, 2007

Shutting Down.

I’m going to participate in World Shutdown Day and turn my computer off tonight at midnight for twenty-four hours, and if I can stay unplugged through Sunday, I’ll do that, too. I’ve been in front of this blasted machine waaaaaaaaay too much.

I'll be joining people across the world in saving no small amount of energy by shutting down, and investing time and energy in other activities that build community, intimacy and goodness. Instead of spending time on my computer this weekend, I'll be:
  • painting and drawing and reading books with Ziggy
  • cooking and eating and organizing in the kitchen
  • cuddling and sleeping and kissing and making love
  • listening to music and dancing
  • working in and on my yard and garden areas
  • writing handwritten correspondence
  • taking walks with my family, including Bert the Dog
  • visiting with Mama Loca and her girls
  • talking and reading and playing a boardgame with my Mister
  • sitting on my porch, doing nothing other than watching the birds and pink light at day's end
I've been working very hard the last few weeks, something I enjoy greatly, but making little time for play. I look forward to achieving greater balance and I feel certain that my family will appreciate some less divided attentions. I, too, will appreciate some of my very own differently industrious company.

Will you be shutting down, too? Let me know.

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