Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Doors and windows.

Well. It's been four years of transition and upheaval and reinvention and fight / make-up, strive for peace. Our internal conflicts are mirrored by external ones and it feels sometimes as if we can't catch a break.

We're not throwing in the towel. We'll have been wed for five years where it counts most and four (to the state) end of the month. We're keeping at it.

Our latest trial is also our latest opportunity. And while I'm not up to filling in the blanks just now, we're in the thick of it. IT.

We didn't need more stress, but we know somehow that this could be the door closing and the window opening that tumps most of the shit out and allows us to reinvent our life together into a thing more closely resembling our Truest Selves and Truest Dreams from when we were ambitious and soft and dreamy enough to hope the brightest hopes.


  1. Do, do keep true.

  2. The first year after we had our baby was our roughest-and such a surprise, since it had been pretty easy before that.

    cyber hug to you...