Sunday, March 5, 2006

Sick, sick, sick over it.

My husband, infant son, dog and I went for a walk at Shelby Bottoms this morning. We parked our vehicle in the lot at the main entryway to the Bottoms (by the trestle).

We ran into friends. One of them got the baby out of the carseat. Maybe some of you new mamas can relate: having that help just put me off my game and out of touch with my oft run mental checklist. Thus, through a series of unfortunate miscommunications, the diaper bag got left in the car and the door may not have gotten locked.

Upon our return from our walk, we realized my diaper bag, a solid black Carter's backpack, had been stolen. In it, along with the usual teething tablets, small hand toys, wipes, cloth diapering supplies and clothing items: my checkbook which contained within it my driver's license, debit card, health insurance cards for all of us, a gas card in my father's name, membership & discount cards of all kinds (Costco, Kroger, etc), uncashed gift checks from my in-laws, etc. Also: my very nice new-as-my baby and expensive Panasonic Lumix digital camera with ALL the photos we've ever taken of our son since his September birth on the memory card. I have the first couple months' of photos also on disc, but everything from early December up to yesterday on is on my camera. I'd planned to go get prints and CDs made this very afternoon and I'm just sick sick sick over this most of all.

I'm doubtful we'll be able to get our things back, but I'm putting it out there to the Universe, and an officer came straight away to take my complaint and file a report....

Should any of you come across any of my / our belongings, please contact me. My husband checked the trashcans and porta potty in the parking lot. No luck, but it's certainly possible the bag or my ID cards may surface elsewhere.

I'm very frustrated and angry with myself for everything I've done wrong to set this up to happen, but am also certain to learn from this hard lesson, and more than anything, I'm so very grateful that each of us is safe.


  1. (((Paige)))

    Sending you a hug across the miles...
    I will send out a prayer that your bag, and its' contents, make their way back to you.

  2. Oh, Mama Booty,

    How sad and frustrating. I hope and pray something good will come out of all this bad.

  3. Paige - I am so sorry to hear that. For all the things we juggle, we cant get every last one every last time...and this is a strong punishment for a minor oversight. Ug. I erased ALL the digital photos of our honeymoon on our last day in Paris. It made me sick. It matters less now than then (and it was only the honeymoon, we have the rest of our lives). I am sorry. I wonder what the underlying lesson is from this. We'll add our own positive thoughts for your belongings to find their way to you. If it helps, we got a GREAT used digital camera on Ebay.