Sunday, February 5, 2006

Snot and Vomit and Poop, Oh My!

It's been one right after the other, since just before Christmas.

The mamahood is a full on boggy marsh of liquid fun from conception forward. Sweat. Semen. Mucus. Amniotic Fluid. Vernix. Blood. Milk. More sweat. More mucus. Pee. Snot. Sooo very much snot. Spit up. Vomit. And more poop than could previously be believed. Oh, and yes, drool.

Since the holidays, Ziggy has had one cold on top of another and a double dose of intestinal virus. This despite no daycare, lots of handwashing, near daily sunlight and breastfeeding 'round the clock.

Teething, too.

Lots of wetness to wipe, clean, launder.

And the high neediness that comes from such a marsh: after a week of refusing RB (right breast, for the uninitiated) unless tricked into it middle of the night, Ms. Booty has discovered that the boy wonder will only latch on when she is standing and dancing side to side. Then, and only then, is she granted the freedom to sit and settle into the lengthy nursing our little Z man craves.

So here we are this Super Bowl Sunday ("one of the best holidays in the United States of America," says Daddy Booty to his boy) and My Beloved Mister is home with us, as he has been since workday's end on Friday!! Especially lovely & low key as it's been more than two years since we've had a "normal" family stay at home weekend -- when one or both of us has taken off time over that span, we've always been traveling one place to another or visiting family on holiday or some such thing. We were to've made a run down to Chattanooga for the weekend to see Mama Loca and family & to go see our beloved cranes mid migratory stretch. We'd been planning this special weekend for some time. Alas and alack, after this last week of week of Booty booby troubles and Mama stepping her game up considerably to navigate the times of a puking, coughing, sneezing, non sleeping, non RB nursing baby....Well. You get the picture. Yesterday morning's check in with the pediatrician sealed the deal and home we are.

This week will be spent climbing out from the heaps of soiled laundry, continuing the house hunt (currently urban focused), and finding the shifting balance of each day's new normal.

Oh, my glamous life.

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