Saturday, July 9, 2005

With Two Cats In The Yard....

Junie Moon and Buddy Wiggins, the Maine Coon mother - daughter pair, are taking their afternoon siesta between the hedges and the flower beds beyond the wide low slung porch in the front yard.

Bert, however, continues to feel poorly-- warm nose, depressed affect, a puking of mostly grass. Our good country vet is closed for the day and we're loathe to take Bert elsewhere, as the folks there love him as we do. For now, I'll follow friend Sue's advice (she, like friend Annie Banana, who's a regular McGuyver Girl, knows something about EVERYTHING, and is as likely to whip a knitting needle, a Shout stain remover cloth or a pair of pliars from her bag when called for and have a host of Ask Jeeves x Heloise type hints at the ready) -- which means I'm off to the Kroger nearest our house (noted for its ghetto scariness over the years, neighbors call it everything from Hostage Kroger to Mutant Kroger and Bad Kroger). I'll purchase some low fat cottage cheese and perhaps some already made up chicken broth as well as Pepto Bismal. If I can just get Bert to stay hydrated, that'll help an awful lot.

Think a good thought for our boy, won't you?

1 comment:

  1. We are sending out well-wishes for Bert.
    Hope he is feeling lively again soon!