Friday, July 8, 2005

Love, Family, Career.

Here's a snap of some of my Stitch & Bitch Girls, taken in late Spring....
L to R, back row: Sue, Jami, Deb, Jen
L to R front row: Em, Meshel, Ms. Booty.

Wednesday night our plans to meet for dinner and then visit the psychic were once again foiled. We did in fact meet up for dinner, but were stood up by the psychic!

We did, however, have a fine time visiting with one another and each came up with the three questions we wanted answered had we seen Madame No Show.

Here're mine as scrawled on the back of Sue's Shoney's Rise & Dine card:

1. What steps must I take to live my fondest dream?
2. How long will I be in Nashville?
3. Where is my career headed?

Other questions from our merry band of crafty stitch & bitchers included: Will I learn to effectively cope with anxiety? Will I ever settle the questions of inner peace and spirituality? What will take up most of my time once I move? What is my romantic outlook? Will I have children?

The big questions are all about, as we discussed, love, family, career.

Next gathering we plan to bust out the runes, the tarot deck, the I Ching.

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  1. Your friends are all so beautiful!

    They look bright and fun and "zizzy" .....
    (that's Sophie's word for "being free and having a good good time").