Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Berry Nice.

Yesterday I drove down to Sharon's place in Fayetteville (near Huntsville, home of the space program, and VERY near Pulaski, homeplace of the Klan).

Fayetteville's a sweet small town with a preserved historic square and district.

Sharon and her family live just beyond town in the country.

The rains knocked us out of our swimming plans, but we drove over to the next little town, Kelso, and picked two & a half gallons of gorgeous blueberries. Her girls, Allie, Ruthie and Gretchen were along for the adventure and may've eaten more than they picked. No matter. Ruthie chattered to me constantly and at one point announced that she loved me so much. She wanted to know if Ziggy loved her. Absolutely so, I told her. Then we decided that at least for now, Ziggy loves everybody.

Do you have a spiced blueberry jam recipe? Post it in the comments section or send it to me if so.

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