Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Baby Shower Pictures.

Cake from my neighborhood bakery, Sweet 16th.... mmm.
Sliced into: red velvet cake. Yummy! Party Feet!
Table Decor.
Ms. Booty demonstrating the science fiction show of Ziggy's ass moving across her expanding belly.
Presents! It's a grabber, from Sue.... to end those "I can't bend over to get it" moments.
Smart Sue. Funny Sue. Lucky Ms. Booty.
Jen & Erika.
Lovely hostess Leslie & Erika.
Ms. Booty cracking up....
Is Sue choking on a baby from the cake and Kissy's saving her? Or are they laughing?
Many kind thanks to Em for taking the pics.

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  1. Good friends are good medicine.
    You look radiant!