Sunday, September 9, 2012

Banner Weekend.

Fall weather has at last arrived.
First soccer game of the season with Nashville Soccer United on the Sharks team of second and third graders; the boy scored a goal, had a couple assists, and several attempts.

Family at the Tennessee State Fair was great. Boy rode first roller coaster, visited first fun houses, saw a pig race, won a hermit crab and two goldfish from the ping pong ball toss game.

On top of that, our almost seven year old finally lost his first tooth. Biting down on the corndog stick further loosened his first really loose tooth last evening. Today a good wiggle in the living room popped the tooth right out.

In the meantime, the Mister and I are both working hard and enjoying our respective posts -- me at an urban inner city school and him down in a burb of the city teaching young English Language Learners.

We celebrate our tenth wedding anniversary next month and I'm looking to book us our first away from the kiddo night....

Our life, in a few snapshots:

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