Thursday, January 27, 2011

Afternoon at our house.

And.... it's one more day at home with a coughing, sneezing, snuffly, muffly, snotty, uncomfortable child. Grant him rest and healing today. Grant me patient kindness and productivity. Between snow days and sick days, it's been a wash this week, both for my work, and the boy's school.
At present I am in process of all of the following: getting us on budget billing for our gas, turning in our MDHA weatherization application, scanning and emailing  my student loan refund request, gathering materials for lesson plans on composting and recycling, keeping the laundry washing / drying / folding / put away, coming up with a supper idea, waiting for the Mister's alma mater to return a phone call....
We are having "quiet choice" time. I have expressed that sharpening pencils in the electric pencil sharpener at my workspace in the kitchen is not exactly the quiet part of choice. Thus, the boy has declared "off I go to find some more pencils," and he is laying them "next to the sharpener, so we can do it later."
Hence: balloons. 
 With lots of sickly boy spit in them. Ew. And, oh.

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