Thursday, January 27, 2011

Thankful Thursday.

This week I am grateful for many things, including: 

* Puffs Plus tissue. 

* A washer and dryer in the home. 

* An extra trip to the Frist Visual Arts Center on a snow day to see the Birth of Impressionism exhibit one more time, though still not to completion, with earphones for the boy, who very much liked "listening to the stories," and did not attempt to touch a painting again. 

* A paycheck, in my name, for the first time in months. Whew. 

* Good teeth, and a smiley smile. 

* Laughter. 

* Hats, scarves and mittens. 

* The ability to be home with my sick kid when he needs me. I know plenty of mamas don't have or feel they have a viable choice. 

* Greek yogurt. Mealshare. And coffee. Speaking of which, I think I'll indulge in an afternoon cup just as soon as I can make some....

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