Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Their bones are in the future.

From the dining room:

"See that star on top of our tree, Mama? I think it represents the star of Bethlehem that they followed!"


Sitting on the couch: 

"Anything with Jesus on it or in it is called a crush, right Mama?"

"Not exactly. But you're close. Anything with Mary and Joseph and the infant Jesus, like your black-eyed pea Jesus ornament, is called a creche."

"Yeah. That's a crush."


From the back of the car on the return trip from Aldi, completely untethered from any directly preceding conversation:

"Jesus is alive."

"Right. So what does that mean?"

"It means when he dies, or people die, they aren't really dead. They are really alive. Their bones are in the future. And they are up there [pointing upward] in heaven. Up there. Like Ene's baby [brother] is up there. She told me that."

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