Sunday, October 10, 2010

Halloween Jesus.

The boy and I, we are home today, as we also were yesterday. I missed my first day of school. Missed giving my end of course presentation.

Ziggy has an ear infection. A barky nasty cough. Runny nose. Typical kid stuff. Vascilating from cheerfully singing "We're Not Gonna Take It," his favorite Twisted Sister song, to tearfully whining for a television show or a Mama cuddle or something to eat.

Clearly we're not at church this morning, but we've still had a theological discussion of sorts. A not at all unusual happening, but made a bit more interesting, and certainly funnier given the current season.

This morning, my boy carried this statue from where it sat in the windowsill to the dining table at which I was working on schoolwork.

"Is this showing when Jesus was DEAD?" he asked.

"No, baby, it's showing when Jesus was born."

"Then why does Jesus have on all that mummy tape?" 

Great great question, leading to a discussion of swaddling clothes.

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