Friday, September 24, 2010

Yay, PProne.

Completely exhausted, but also elated that the boy wanted to practice letter writing last night, and he brought home the shopping list he made in his classroom's home center with PProne on it. And LLP. And Cuke. And McNHz. (Pepperoni, Lollipop, cookie, macaroni and cheese) And milk. 
Meantime, we are practicing carton opening and asking for help even if it means "bending a rule" a little by getting up to find a teacher. This is not easy for my boy, the very one who pushes boundaries and makes deals at home. At school, he is a rule follower. 

This morning, for example, he wanted to wear sandals. I suggested that he wear the closed toe version instead of the open toe version because I believed the school suggested that. Then, quite recklessly, I presume, in attempt to just help him get dressed on time, said, "Oh, babe, I don't care! Wear those." To which my son replied with a most serious face, "Well, it's the school that cares." And he dutifully changed shoes. 

This need for perfectionism is precisely why I'm so thrilled with phonetic spelling and the willingness to practice writing letters instead of what's become usual frustration at not already knowing how. 

Yay, PProne. 

LLPs for everyone.

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