Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Flood relief: small steps.

East Nashville parents, I'm making lists and tracking needs  to coordinate the parent / child volunteer arm of the ArtHouse Gardens Team.

Here are things you can do NOW. (feel free to pass this on)

1) collect toys from your child(Dren)'s stash to give away; collect family clothing to give away; collect pennies to give away. Drop off sites TBA. (if you are willing to be an intermediary drop off / collection site, let me know!)

2) If you can put yourself on the drive list for errand running, holler at me.

3) Same thing for if you're available to make or deliver food and / or drinks.

4) If you are willing and able to provide childcare for other volunteers and / or flood affected families, let me know.

5) if you have counseling or pastoral experience with kids, let me know.

6) purchase diapers and / or formula, purchase (or collect gently used) family underthings (panties, socks, bras, undershirts, etc.)

7) be a driver for other parents / children who need to shop or go to the library or do other short in town trips.

8) upload your photo / prayer / or inspirational word to http://www.penniesandprayersparade.blogspot.com

9) write code and create a button / banner for the above project (a neighborhood mama designer has made beautiful labels for penny receptacles)

10) deliver or pick up penny receptacles to / from place of business (I have a big list)

11) roll pennies!

12) cookie / cake bakers.

13) random odd jobs -- if you have a specialized skill or love to share, let me know that, too.

I am reachable here:
Home 750-3780
Mobile mama 495-1879

Joy Warrior & Apron String Revolutionary
writer / community organizer / mama / homemaker / gatherer
cottage industrialist
mobile 615-495-1879

Available to present workshops and be on panels, consult for grassroots organizations and manage projects.
Have references and resume at the ready.

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