Saturday, March 20, 2010

Actual conversation in the kitchen this evening.

Ms. Booty: Mark Linkous died.

Mister: Huh?

Ms.Booty: Mark Linkous. Know him? Sparklehorse?

Mister: Oh, yeah. Right.

Ms. Booty: Sad. Shot himself in the heart. In Knoxville.

Mister: He's no Fess Parker.

Ms. Booty: What?

Mister: He's no Fess Parker.

Ms. Booty: I can't understand you.

Mister: Some people don't like current events.

Ms. Booty: What? You're mumbling!!

Mister: I can't help myself. I just ate a cookie that tasted like it came out of a tomb in Egypt. It's stuck in my teeth and so dry I have no saliva to speak....

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