Friday, August 7, 2009

Thankful Thursday -- Whoops! On Friday.

Today, and this week, I am thankful for....

-- Home.

-- A family outing to a catfish house on the river; returning to one of our favorite haunts of the "old days" pre-Ziggy.

-- Diggy, and her being here for a few days which felt too short, but were more than appreciated. Good times were had by the boy and the grandmother; the mother got lots of work done. EVERYONE should be so lucky as to have a Diggy. We love her, love her, love her. (And love my father for encouraging her to be with us. As well as for many other reasons, naturally.)

--And, the husband and wife had an all too rare actual date, wherein the first new film at a theatre was viewed since Ziggy's gestation. (Humpday! was pretty great, though as the Mister says, it was an interesting choice for our first foray back into seeing a movie to have seen what amounts to an anti-movie.)

-- A particularly productive weekend of cooking so that the workweek has flowed far more smoothly.

-- Realizing, as per my mechanic, that I didn't break the mower, that it had other issues altogether. Locating receipt and successful return of said mower.

-- Pounds lost. Health gained.

-- Annual physicals for me and for the Mister down. Lab results back. Good news all around, small bits of things to watch (low iron for me & continued long term diligence with regard to whittling down and moving with purpose.) Proceeding apace. (Oh, how I love our nurse practitioner.)

-- A paycheck!

-- A package from my amazing in-laws. Oh, they are good folks. So generous to us, and to our boy. They keep the child of the house in clothing and toy cars and stickers!

-- Ziggy beginning two nights by sleeping in his own big boy bed and then joining us later.

-- A much anticipated gathering with my beloved chicks, my oldest and dearest friends, and my favorite girls to hoot, holler, cry and plan lives with.

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  1. I love love LOVE your blog and don't comment near enough. I love your honesty and gratefulness and garden and family and you. Every visit here makes me feel better about life. Thank you!

    I was just talking to a friend about cooking in an iron skillet. You probably know this, but it is a good way to add some iron into your diet, or so I've heard.

    Love and hugs,
    Julie H