Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Mama Monday: Whoops, on Tuesday.

Ziggy climbed up in my desk chair with me and snapped this off a few days ago. His art work from last summer (shown above) adorns the inside of my armoire desk.

So busy. Not busier than before, but different busy. Less computer time (for my own self) busy. More running around busy. More soaking in my child busy when I've not gotten to pay him the accustomed attention during the course of a day.

Thankfully, Diggy is here for a couple days. Lovely. She arrived Sunday afternoon and the boy couldn't be happier. While I worked yesterday at the office, they played Candyland and "battery Thomas" and looked at books and had a grand old time snacking on the banana bread she brought and generally just whooping it up. They even napped together in the boy's room, in his small twin bed. He handed her a lovey to snuggle for the rest.

The lawn mower is toast. And not because of my error, says my mechanic. (Who, by the by, wouldn't take any money from me, and laughed when I offered him a butternut squash, telling me, "I've got a garden twice the size of this garage....." and then sent me home with several ears of corn, "enough for a meal," he told me. His work ethic, joviality, and commitment to family remind me so very much of my friend Jay Bird, Mama Loca's husband.)

Oh, also, I cooked up a storm over the weekend, to make the work week easier, and to have some things to put up. A big vat of tomato sauce with CSA sausage and heaps of vegetables (for pasta and soup base and even pizza....,) two big pans of ratatouille (which technically might be more like a ragout as I chose to oven roast all the goods,) and another big pot of Thai styled curry with garden vegetables (including cabbage) and coconut milk.

The Mister is up early for an appointment, departing momentarily. He's suggested an outing tonight, the better to take advantage of Diggy being here. I've been wanting to see Julie & Julia and he'd promimsed months back that we'd go this summer, but I don't believe it opens 'til Friday. Perhaps we shall come up with a something else.

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