Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Traveling mercies.

Our friend Amy and one of her boys are on their way to Flagstaff to live. They left this morning. We went by yesterday and Ziggy hugged her and kissed her and told her he loved her. He dictated this letter on the way home afterward, and then again when we sat at the table to get it down on paper. In the car, he asked question upon question about the boy staying here in town and wanted to know, "Who will come to him in the night?" "And then in the morning, who will be there?"

Then last night, I gathered with a passel of neighborhood mama friends at Mad Donna's where we collectively ate, laughed, danced, drank, and played drag queen bingo. Which is just like it sounds. Bingo being called by a drag queen telling naughty jokes. (I had fish tacos and diet coke with lime, and while several of the gals dressed up, I came straight from a meeting, so had on my basic black smeared with banana and kid handprints.)

Traveling mercies, Amy.

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  1. Laura4:55 PM

    Paige! My best thoughts for safe travels and a happy new life ahead for your friend and her child. And good for you, gettin' out to play some Drag Queen Bingo with your girlfriends! Fun, fun, fun! I want you to take me to Mad Donna's when next I visit Nashville, ok?

    Miss you!!