Thursday, July 2, 2009

Thankful Thursday.

Enough is the same as a feast!!

Today, and this week, I am thankful for:

-- the bounty of joy that is raising my son.

-- inspiration from Mama Loca on better living. And several phone conversations....

-- my love of salads.

-- the resources with which to replace the dead car battery, and to AAA for coming to my aid.

-- a delightful movie outing with Ziggy to see Evan Almighty, in which God, played by Morgan Freeman says something weep-worthy wonderful to the effect of: if someone prays for her family to become closer, what is provided is the opportunity to love one another more.

-- opportunities to love one another more, as per above.

-- the garden: its therapeutic value can not be dismissed.

-- post supper games of Honey Bee Tree, Candyland, Go Fish, and our current favorite memory game, I Never Forget a Face.

-- a far too delayed visit with dear Kaki and Bill, and a pending family dinner date.

-- recommitment: to goals, and to people, not least of all myself.

-- a new aquarium full of fish!

-- time to read.


  1. Melanee3:55 PM

    Those "opportunities to love one another more" don't always look like opportunities! ;) But, alas, and thank God, they are given.

  2. Anonymous8:34 AM

    loving you from here.