Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Where we've been....

P1050071, originally uploaded by paigelabab.

Cooking, cleaning, putting in the garden, homeschool field tripping, and so on....

Here's my strawberry boy (we put a small bed in an old recycled baby pool! See the cut out bottom behind Ziggy?

Here's to a promise of more to come. I've photos and stories to share anon.


  1. So you are using the sides of the pool like the sides of a raised bed?


    I always see a few cracked kid pools by the garbage pile in August.

  2. That's it exactly. I'll post more pics later. Notice the bottom of the pool behind Ziggy? I busted out the utility knife and just cut it out, layered newsprint / cardboard, wet it, and built a bed of good materials.