Monday, February 16, 2009

a slightly over ambitious list of things in 3/4/5/6...

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Three Names I go by
1. Mama
2. Mrs. Babcock
3. Sister

Eight Jobs I have had in my life
1. bartender / waitress / barista
2. massage therapist
3. alternative school teacher
4. writer
5. rental real estate agent
6. bookseller
7. community organizer
8. newspaper columnist
9. nude art model

Five Places I have lived
1.9 Honeysuckle Court -- Damascus, MD brick ranch home w/ basement
2. 816 Mississippi Ave -- Chattanooga, TN very large funky house busted into apartments
3. 2850 N. Sheridan Dr. -- Chicago, IL vintage high-rise
4. 1801 Holly St. -- Nashville, TN early century bungalow tri-plexed for old lady sisters and caretaker
5. 100 St. Beatrice Ct. -- Danville, CA suburban two story with sunken pit and three car garage

Three-ish TV Shows that I watch
1. Sesame Street
2. Netflix or borrowed cable series (Deadwood, Big Love, Six Feet Under, etc.)
3. whatever's on MSNBC or Food Network

Seven places I have been
1. Bermuda
2. Olympic peninsula rain forest
3. Walden Pond
4. Joshua Tree
5. Painted Desert
6. England's Lake District
7. Los Mujeres Islands, Mexico

People that send e-mail, facebook messages, or internet chats regularly
1. Jolie
2. Misa
3. Mom / Dad / brother / sister-in-law Laura

Four of my favorite foods
1. hot chicken
2. fajitas
3. sandwiches
4. sushi

Six things I would like to do
1. have (or adopt or foster) another child
2. purchase a home
3. find the balance between gainful employment and homeschooling
4. visit Ingrid & Andrew (my husband's sister and her husband) in London
5. get fit and healthy
6. carve out regular alone time with my husband
7. catch up on missed sleep

Seven things I look forward to
1. the International Festival at the Oak Ridge Children's Museum with my son and mother
2. turning fifty (it's a ways off, but still!)
3. our next trip to Michigan
4. a beach trip later this year (I'm hopeful!)
5. returning to school
6. getting the house really organized and keeping it so
7. early mornings, every day

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