Friday, February 6, 2009

Plans for today....

-- finish up the lentil rice salad. I think I haven't shared the recipe here before, but will when I've time. It's my version of lovely crafty Camille's. Mmm.

-- filter through the boy's poop. (done)

-- feed and play with pets. (done)

-- love on husband. Admire emerging Deadwoodian mustache. Throw together some kind of lunch for him. (done)

-- engage in morning goodbye ritual with husband and child which includes a family hug, a family kiss, and London Bridge with a capture of Ziggy and Bert, the dog. The dog knows his cue. (done)

-- throw together a bag of stuff for making cracker toffee (again, a recipe to share at a later time), good coffee, birthday cake making things.... rice crackers, granola bars, organic lemonade, whatever else looks worthy.

-- put together a small bag of clothing / toiletries for me and for the boy.

-- pick up new license tag sticker.

-- haul down to the state line for gathering of the chick tribe.

-- eat, laugh, tell stories, catch up, cook, play with all the kids, cry, laugh some more. Tell more stories, feed the kids, eat some more. Enjoy heartily.

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