Thursday, January 29, 2009

Thankful Thursday.

Today I am thankful for:

-- Writing. Not just the ability to do it, but actually following through because I have that *need* to get things down and make things with words.

-- A productive and relatively easy (when it could have been hard) conversation with My Beloved Mister earlier in the week, one late night.

-- Said mister getting enough sleep last night and finding himself content and talkative this morning.

-- Ziggy's improving health after weeks (nee, months) of one.blessed.illness.after.another.

-- Ziggy's growing bravery when it comes to the eye drops to treat the super nasty gross bacterial conjuntivitis.

-- A pediatric practice we not only like, but a primary pediatrician that Ziggy tells, "I love you" to. And who says it back.

-- The stunning and humbling generosity of anonymous friends who blew my mind with mail this week.

-- My parents and their continued interest in my and my family's well being.

-- My dear in laws who come through for things like taping the inauguration for their son, sending sweet & thoughtful packages for their grandson (sometimes laced with Perrigo outlet goodies for the household), and regular phone calls.

-- A really really good dog.

-- Finding more of the late harvest tomatoes I diced and froze at the bottom of the deep freeze when I thought we were out!

-- Finding the time to really talk with Mama Loca by telephone, not once, but twice this week, even though our slumber party and Tennessee Aquarium visit was canceled due to each of us having sick children.

-- Deadwood episodes.

-- The opportunity to contribute to our household income with a Barefoot Books commission check and some childcare hours.


  1. Anonymous9:16 AM

    i am glad the boy is feeling better. i am glad that the love you deserve is raining down. as it should be.

  2. I / we have much to be grateful for. Especially in the hard times, it is good to remind myself / ourselves. XXX