Thursday, November 29, 2007

Greener action, mama.

Everybody talks about the weather but nobody does anything about it. Mark Twain

We are in a war that many believe is about oil, our planet is warming due to the amount of CO2 being pumped into the atmosphere, and we daily drive our families all over communities designed for the automobile. That's enough to send anyone under the covers, swearing off NPR forever.

So when we noticed this month's Working Mother Magazine, GO GREEN, we got excited. The issue features green companies, tips from environmental stars and ideas to help "ride the earth-friendly bandwagon." The article "Eco-family: Too busy to be green? Take small steps that make a big impact" gives a long list of 1st steps. And we all know that 1st steps lead to bigger steps . . . and those eventually lead to cultural shifts. It all starts with commitment.

This month's MAU action is to make a pledge to take substantial "green steps" between now and Earth Day 2008 (April 22nd). Be bold and look at: how you shop, how much you throw away, driving habits (including sports practices), etc. Involve your family in crafting the pledge; we’re talking around our dinner tables at night, working together toward sustainability. One ten year old declared, "We have to reduce our trash!" (partially because it's his job to take out the garbage) and he's right, so that's on his family's green pledge list, joining that of another of our family’s wherein “playing compost” and Community Garden is a favorite game of a two year old. When you gather as family—perhaps even over the holiday feasting in which many of us will participate over the coming weeks and months—what will your children contribute to the mix?

Click here and submit your commitment to MAU

Receive a green MAU bumper sticker! (Good for Volvos AND Radio Flyers, bicycle helmets, strollers, stainless water canteens and guitar cases!)
MAU will also post a variety of these ideas on the MAU blog to inspire others to change habits.

From our personal commitment, we will engage our communities, influence decision makers and VOILA! create cultural shifts that ensure a secure and sustainable planet for future generations.

Hop on the green bandwagon, change habits and enjoy the wild ride!

And for sustaining your commitment all through the year, purchase the 2008 MAU Handbook for tales of inspired and story-changing individuals, tools for engaging in mother activism and issue based actions each week of the year:

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