Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Rosie Outlook.

I know almost no one not touched by autism, and have a much beloved niece whose behaviors, abilities and gifts fall along the spectrum. Our across the street neighbor's older child is autistic, and the son of some dear friends who are also former neighbors are parents of a child who is differently abled along the autistic spectrum.

A mama I know put together this amazing advocacy and fundraising venture for the child of another mama I know. It really is true: mothers don't just care for their own children, but for the wellbeing of other children, too. I see this bear itself out time and time again, feeling so fortunate to not only witness, but to share in this experience.

Check it out, and please spread the word.

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  1. Ma Turner1:35 PM

    The fine folks over at http://www.achamp.org/
    work like dogs to keep the public informed about legislative actions, court proceedings and media coverage relating to the link between autism and mercury. Mercury that the CDC, the NIH and the FDA seem to think is just fine and dandy to keep in the vaccinations deemed health-promoting. The A-CHAMP organization is helping to pry the wool from the eyes of those in power...wool that seems deliberately and stubbornly glued in place by greed, complacency and a desire to avoid litigation. Thought I'd share the link for those who would like to stay abreast of the powerful actions being taken to right a great wrong affecting so many of our young people.