Monday, June 4, 2007

Dear Universe.

Dear Universe,

The short of it is that our family needs a new place to rent at the very latest by July 31, but even better by July 1 or July 15.

What we need:

2 / 3 BR home, or at least 1 good BR with an office study or alcove for my work

Fenced in yard – must be OK for sweet hard working family with toddler, (exceptionally nice) dog and mostly outdoor cats

Safety is important.

$700-750 + utilities is the what we’d like to pay

We’ve been in East Nashville for 5 years, but are willing to look in other neighborhoods.

Thank you Universe. We know you’ll provide.

And y’all will holler if you hear of something!

Many kind thanks,

MBH, for the Family Booty


  1. $750 for a 3BR and low heating bills! Oh, the Northeasterner envy....

  2. oh, danielle, it is but a dream....

    oh, and the pay differential makes things a bit off, too.