Monday, March 19, 2007

MBH on Mothering chat in April.

As of Wednesday, April 11th, at 1 p.m. Eastern, I'll be a monthly chat guest for Mothering Magazine’s “Mommy Chats.” I’ll be representing Mothers Acting Up, entertaining topics about mother activism including Mother’s Day reclamation events, the Mother Agenda and community building.

Read more about it here by scrolling down the page a bit. At present, there are two MAU chats listed on this page with links to as-yet-to-go-up calendars with topic descriptions.

If you are so inclined, come chat, or just send good vibes. Tell your mama friends.


  1. angel5:02 PM

    congrats paige! i did a chat with hathor the cowgoddess once and it was fun.

  2. Go Paige! That's AWESOME!!

  3. It should be a good time, gals. Tell your friends to come stop by.