Thursday, June 8, 2006

Stuck In The Middle Again.

The weekend was cross words between the adults and a poop reprieve.

Monday brought about a renewed effort toward calm -- with the first playgroup outing in two and half weeks and a trip to Target for home organizational goods-- only to be swiftly dashed by late afternoon's dog park visit. Fussy Ziggy wanted out of the backpack and into Mama Booty's arms when a good natured canine tumble got loud. He ate a mere pittance of his pretty homemade organic supper: brown basmati and zucchini with chicken broth.

Slight fright and supper disinterest moved into inconsolable crying, a temperature which spiked from seemingly nowhere, and a pleading look in the eyes that was heartbreaking. Too distressed to nurse, Ziggy writhed in Mama Booty's arms in the middle of the big family bed, then projectile vomited everywhere everywhere everywhere.

The night culminated in a family fieldtrip to the ER at Vanderbilt Children's Hospital. Ziggy's history makes GI issues serious business. The poor little man was so utterly upset that a team of three triage nurses were unable for quite a time to even get a set of reliable vitals.

Hours, X rays and many loose stools later, the Booty family made its way home to settle in with Rotavirus Round Two.

And here we are.

As of late last night, Mama Booty has succumbed with heaving visits draped over the commode.