Monday, May 1, 2006

May Day!

Happy May Day.

Are you taking it to the streets, or stuttering like a falling pilot, May Day, May Day, May Day.... ?

A bit of both around these parts of late.

With a mere two weeks 'til the big Mother's Day Parade for Peace, there's lots to do and street taking to be had. And in the last few homebound days, lots of holding, and one big long nurse in for the peace of this little family.

Ziggy had a highly active month six into seven: no less than three birthday parties to attend, one bridal shower, grandparents and cousins to visit and love on, a trip to see Mama Loca and family, the adnenture of solid food.

(To date, the eats, aside from the number one nutrient breastmilk:
sweet potato, applesauce, some bits of breads (including naan, of course), bananas, homemade oatmeal porridge, some beans smooshed out of their skins, and avocado. Organic brown rice and carrots are next up, and as our CSA weekly box begins next week, we'll be happily up to our eyeballs in the freshest organic produce locally available.)

Our household has increased by a tooth, with arrival of lanother imminent. There's rolling over in both directions, sitting for lengthy periods, the pre-crawl arms and knees beneath Baby Booty boogie. There's even been pulling up, for which I'm SOOOOO not ready. There are signs here and again, and LOTS of verbalization including actual spoken words for Daddy ("Da" or "DaDa"), Mama / nurse ("NiNi"), dog ("gock"), Bert ("Buht") and light ("aght"). There's fascination with and great joy for the nightly mama / baby bath, lights of all kinds, ceiling fans, the very presence of Bert the Dog, kisses both given and received, and a passion for being out of doors whenever possible. That one has saved us over the last few days. Baby in sling, dog on leash, mama in shoes: walking.

Then boom, boom, boom:

Mama Booty got the tummy bug.

There was the great Baby Tump on Wednesday.
Ziggy. Fell. Out. Of. Bed.
And seemingly common amongst my mama friends who offered up much comfort and commentary of the ilk, "Oh, yeah, that's a bad day" and "I'll never forget that sound."

The following day: Daddy went on much deserved and sadly ill fated trip to New Orleans and NiNi and boy child went to his well baby visit with some shots and left with the news that Ziggy's iron was low (not surprising, I suppose, given his size and early surgery).

All of this means: one very sensitive testy baby child and one worn out Mama Booty with the dark circles and toothmarked bosom to prove it. And everything else sadly badly behind....

May Day!!

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