Friday, April 7, 2006

Random Thoughts.

So the "fatted calf," it's veal. Right?

Does anyone ever really boil water for their infants in this country? And why don't I know more about reverse osmosis water?

My mother cut my breast out of a photograph; I was nursing Ziggy in the background of a shot taken at my littlest niece's birthday party. My breast. Cut with scissors. Out. Of. The. Picture. What does that say?

I really must post my recipe for Chickpea Apple salad.

Note to self: check into Upromise more thoroughly. Open an account for Ziggy. Ask readers and friends if they've done same.

What would Ira Glass be like as a dinner guest?

Should I spring for pocket dipes for nighttime, or is there any way I can get through even more sleep deprivation and work harder on EC during the night? I'm not thinking so..... Zig seems to like the little potty well enough for when we get it right and part time may be the best I've got to give to the effort right now.

I'm hungry. Cheerios or oatmeal?

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