Wednesday, March 15, 2006


Our Ziggy will be six months old the 25th of this month. Where oh where does the time go?!

He's been giving Mama and Daddy Booty kisses for awhile now-- the sweetest open mouth kisses on cheeks and necks and sometimes Mama's mouth-- and just the other day, he laid a big one on friend & neighbor Angel. Then Sunday evening was the first time for him to really hug with intent. Just the absolute most precious squeeze 'round my neck with that sweet baby breath in my ear.

And this morning?After nursing him down a bit so Mama could do a little work, I heard him stir and "call" to me. In to the bedroom I crept. Big smile from my boy, and both arms raised up toward me, a clear gesture saying, "Pick me UP, Mama!"

This and our efforts toward elimination communication / infant potty training have been milestones for both Mama & Baby Booty of late. The first time he pooped into the potty he and
I both looked positively stunned and delighted. It was the second of March, the day after my 39th birthday and our celebratory day of "tits & curry"-- La Leche League followed by the Indian buffet with some of our favorite mamas and babies. That week, Daddy Booty shot a whole series of potty pictures in the days before the camera was stolen. In them, Mama sits with her booty on the tub's edge, holding little Ziggy on the commode. Both faces are beaming and upturned toward the man that makes so much of it possible.

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  1. all the lovely accomplishments! I cant yet tell if Camden's kisses are intention, just playing, or part of his neverending quest for food! good job, Olen!