Monday, March 13, 2006

a tree in the forest.

So the thieves that took off with my bag and camera just over a week ago have now commited multiple felonies, using my debit card at a slew of Citgo stations the day of the theft and over the last week writing hot checks at Target, Wal-Mart, Lowe's & Home Depot for a couple hundred here, a few hundred there.... and signing them with my Mister's name and a jacked up DL number. Getting some of this stuff straightened out is a major pain in the ass. New accounts, affadavit, replaced identity and membership cards, several hours on the phone with police and banks and credit reporting agencies. Hours running errands to and from police records office and bank. More hours to spend on phone and in person at pawn shops in hopes of coming up with my camera and / or the memory card.

It just sucks. By turns I feel frightfully angry, sad, depressed and disbelieving. I'm working toward letting go, but am in no way yet there.

But here's a bright little unexpected ray, a tree in the forest: I've just upturned, in my binning outgrown baby clothing, Ziggy's dear little pair of Robeez which I recall now having taken out of the bag prior to departing that Sunday morning! Hurrah!!

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