Friday, March 31, 2006

Spring Into Public Action.

So y'all know Pubic Radio does two fund drives a year. Fall & Spring.

It's time for the Spring one again, all over the country.

Our local public radio station, which is our NPR affiliate and subscribes to programming from Public Radio International (i.e. This American Life) and American Public Media (i.e. Prairie Home Companion), etc., is WPLN. They're doing their Spring pledge drive beginning tomorrow.

My Belove Mister, as you well know, is one of two weekend announcers and occasionally fills in other times, too. He has a LOVELY voice, made for radio. I'm really proud of him.

So: he'll be doing the pitching for the pledge drive on WPLN's AM side (1430 AM or online @ this afternoon and each afternoon next week, and on the FM side (90.3 or online @ Sat / Sun noon-6 central or so....

Listen and renew your membership. Or become a new member. It's a good communitarian thing to do, and you'll dig the content, particularly the AM programming. It's boss.

Thank you for even considering it. Please pardon my unashamed pride and publicity.

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