Tuesday, November 29, 2005

It's still a pig.

As the nursing mama is lustily slurping up breakfast one recent morning.....

Ms Booty Homemaker: If you could only choose between bacon and a pork chop, which would you pick?

My Beloved Mister: Are we talking like a slab of bacon versus a perfectly thick chop?

MBH: Yes. Let's just say they're equally delectable.

MBM: Uh, porkchop.

MBH: Yeah, I knew you were a chop man. Do you love a chop better than you love me? Which would you choose?

MBM: Are we talking the perfect Paige, or maybe are you being a little tired and bratty?


  1. Once, I told Brett that I adored my father's pork chops. Now, if I tell Brett I adore him, he always asks, "more than pork chops?"

    that said, I'm with E on this one. Pork chop all the way.

  2. You are lucky.
    My Husband might well go for the bacon, with the pork chop claiming second and me a distant third....