Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Wedding Band Blues.

So this hot hot summer of gestation has resulted in swelling. No surprise there.

I can wear precisely two pair of my shoes, and bothwere purchased just for the summer: some low structure Birks and a pair of Crocs.

Now, the going off sugar and replacing refined products w/ whole grain helped. A Lot.

But now in the last hours, days, weeks...(?) Ms. Booty's got a problem. While my antique family heirloom solitaire has been off my hand for several months now, my wedding band is STUCK on this puffy little sausage looking finger. I can not for the life of me get it off. We've tried icing it down, oiling it, soaping it, lotioning it. Middle of the night I even tried Windex, which I have to say, came the closest to working. But if I can't get it off and pretty damned quickly, I'll have to get it cut off.

Ms. Booty isn't the kind of woman to frequent fancy ass jewelery stores, but is, as of today, going to scout out the resources. If the last attempts to wiggle this sucker off fail, fireman or jeweler, one, will need to saw my band off and I can get it soldered back together at a later time. Both midwife & doula have expressed concern that it be off my hand by the time of birth, as it's not unheard of to swell more during and / or after labor.

Yow. My precious. This gets a little Middle Earth for Ms. Booty, in such unfamiliar territory are we.

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  1. Just sent some info to your private email address,
    regarding stuck rings and such.
    Hope it helps!