Thursday, September 15, 2005

Random Hits of Summer.

Early one morning after a sleepless night; note decaf coffee, Mind Over Labor Book, prenatal vitamins, constant companion water bottle & the Sears book on Becoming A Father.
Worn out after a doozy of a shower given by a bevvy of Diggy's friends-- Ms. Booty (only a week off sugar and swollen faced) and hostess Jo; the opening of gifts alone took 2 plus hours!! Those crazy church ladies are generous beyond belief!!
Mama Booty shows mother-in-law Emmie Ziggy's goodies so far....
One Saturday AM, Daddy Booty espies his Mrs. and Bert the dog crashed out in their respective fetal positions after he's led them on a long walk down in Shelby Bottoms.
Best Friends: Ms. Booty (greyer these last months) and Mama Loca.
My Beloved Mister and me in our kitchen -- the in laws are visiting.
Ms. Booty Homemaker in the park on a Sunday.

1 comment:

  1. How's you feeling?
    I thought about you this a.m.,
    as there was a snap of autumn in the air....
    Some relief for you from this hot,
    hot summer.
    You shine!