Sunday, September 18, 2005

Of Home & Hearth. That'd Be Hestia, Yes?

Nesting activities noted:
(or: what I'm doing to distract myself & keep active until labor decides to come on in full)

*Walked with My Beloved Mister & Bert to and from dog park; short but active visit.

Two loaves whole wheat banana walnut bread
One loaf whole wheat lemony banana walnut bread
One loaf whole wheat peanut butter banana bread
One loaf whole wheat zucchini bread
Three tins whole wheat zucchini muffins
Two spinach & feta quiches
One chehini pie
*Washed heaps of dishes.
*Tumped one VERY large tumbler of water all over the kitchen floor, thereby mopping it up sock footed w/ cup towels.
*Spoken with Em on phone: she's GREAT-- overjoyed with her beautiful new baby girl.
*Spoken with my father by phone-- twice.
*Spoken with sister by phone.
*Woken upstairs neighbor up from her nap with fresh banana walnut bread delivery--oops! Sorry, JJ.
*Walked more with Bert the dog.
*Watched Steve McNair throw his second touchdown of the season. On television. Not down the road....
*Napped. Forty-five minutes.
*Swept. More than once. The dog hair wins. Every damned time.
*Eaten: one turkey sandwich with tomatoes on whole wheat bread, three slices banana walnut bread, one pluot (gifted me by My Mister, they're also called Dinosaur Eggs; a hybrid of the plum and the apricot, they are DELICIOUS!!), one chicken wing, one thigh. Protein is my friend.
*Packed my Mister's lunch.
*Frozen up bags of chili for quick suppers in the next weeks.
*Peed about thirty six times. Washed hands twice as many times. Pulled apron off and on each time.
*Water water water. Drank it. Hydration is my friend.
*Read dribs and drabs of this and that including information on the Dr. Sears website, and articles in recent issues of the Nation, American Baby, Mothering.
*Fiddled with our packed bags.
*Washed more dishes.
*Prepped for supper; soon the Mister will be home. Yay!

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  1. Busy Ms Booty Bee!

    The fixings sound delish.