Thursday, August 25, 2005

You & I Put the Public in Radio.

Today is WPLN Nashville Public Radio's E-pledge day for the AM side-- 1430 AM, which is talk and world news including great programs like: BBC News, On Point, Day to Day, You Bet Your Garden and alternate air times for FM faves like Fresh Air, This American Life and The Splendid Table.
(I miss The Connection!!)

If you live in the listening area, or are a regular listener from afar via internet, please consider making an E-pledge today. The AM side is an important part of community building with much potential for growth in the best ways....

My Mister will be pitching on the AM this afternoon / evening from 3 - 8 PM Central-- you can tune in to hear him (or make your pledge) here:

or, locally, on your radio dial @ 1430 AM.

Tell 'em Ms. Booty sent you!!

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  1. Best wishes on a successful pledge drive!