Saturday, August 6, 2005

You Are the Love Apple of My Eye.

Well, then. As previously mentioned right here at Ms. Booty Homemaker's home on the web, East Nashville's Tomato Art Festival is taking place next weekend, with all kinds of events including a tomato toss, costumes at will and a handful of contests-- I'm entered in the recipe contest under the main dish category. (And if I can find a fitted red outfit, My Beloved Mister has promised to make me a collar and stem from felt, as my roly-poly self already resembles a tomato!)

I'll be throwing my apron in the ring with my very delicious and not quite famous, but much sought after RED BITCH FRICASEE.

Our Stitch 'n Bitch posse will be gathering at Meshel's for a tomato brunch in the early part of the day, then several of us are entering the recipe contests.

Fancy Chef that she is (I learned SO much working with her at her kosher vegetarian cafe, Grins), Meshel will be a judge of the recipe contest and will be getting her game on with her Bloody Mary entry. Sue's got her I Adore A Pomadoro sauce. Jen's got this sexy grilled tomato thing happening. And I'm hoping that Jami will enter the Beautiful Tomato contest and turn the Love Apple pumpkinly, with some groovy theme. Last year's winning entry in that category was a hula girl tomato 'sculpture.'

Here's a bit from gallery maven and, with partner hubby Bret, Festival co-Founder Meg MacFadyen:

"The Five Points area of East Nashville will be alive with art and activity on Saturday, August 13, 2005. Our very own "Tomatopalooza"!

The numerous area merchants in this hip, Bohemian corner of town will be actively involved... from the Children's Fine Art, tomato related merchandise, speciality menu items, brew blends and professional art.

[In addition to other celebrity judges] Marybeth Lasseter, an oral historian with the Center for Study of Southern Culture and the Southern Foodways Alliance in Oxford, Mississippi will be on hand to collect the tomato stories from your life, collect your thoughts and tips about growing, cooking and eating tomatoes upcoming essay."

My test kitchen will be bubbling through the week....

I can't wait!

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