Thursday, August 4, 2005

Which came first....?

This evening My Beloved Mister & I will head over to TAG art gallery in Hillsboro Village (our old neigh-borhood) to see friend and artist / musician Jon Langford who'll play some tunes with East Nashville neighbor & very talented musician Paul Burch. My Beloved Mister and I actually met the first time (via telephone) near to a decade ago when I rang him up in Chicago to ask for a copy of Burch's first album, as I wanted to write about it.

My Mister, at the time in the dual roles as co-founder of both the groundbreaking Bloodshot and Checkered Past Records, declared he'd never heard of me and was actually just short of rude. I had to prove my credibility with him by providing clips and mumbling that Paul Burch & the WPA Ball Club had actually played my wedding. (Married at the time briefly, and mostly unhappily, it's a beautiful thing that this precipitous chain of events led me to the man who'd become the love of my life and that over a string of years, something once so raw and ugly became this life I now live with the partner of my dreams.) The record in question was Pan American Flash-- it'd been issued on the French label Dixie Frog and got its stateside release on Checkered Past.

In our living room hangs a Langford print-- Hank with arrows piercing him; I believe the title is Hank Cold War I. As above, it is present in the background of many of our wedding photographs, as it was in an intimate front room setting we wed.

I am also very fond of Jon's rooster painting; we are chicken people. I grew up with them as pets, and knew I'd make a life with my Mister when he told me when the time and place was right, he'd build me a coop for our inevitable brood of hens.

We are all such a good egg.

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  1. I am remembering the first time I met the Mister. He had so darn much charm....almost expected him to need a wheelbarrow in which to tote all that charm around....
    Even my own dear husband, who is not one to gush, said of him:
    "Well now. That is a Good Man."