Wednesday, August 17, 2005

Peace & Art.

Tonight my crafting group, the Stitch 'n Bitch crew, will be coming over for our one of our bi-monthly gatherings.

Also, for a fifteen minute period of time, I plan on honoring Cindy Sheehan's vigil in Texas and the vigils taking place all over the United States this evening at 7:30 by burning candles and by silently holding in the light the 1800 American solidiers who've lost their lives in this tragic war, their families and loved ones, and focusing on peace.

I hope that some of you, from wherever you are on this big blue marble, will join me if so led. Light a candle, pray, stand silent in solidarity with those who want answers and want our men and women home now.... .

I believe in the focused energies of many and the difference it can make. Together we can raise the vibrational frequencies of this world in which we live. As you may know,, Democracy Now and one other agency / organization have sought to bring together vigils all across the land this evening, as citizens stand in solidarity with Cindy Sheehan, whose eldest son Casey was killed in the war--- For the last week or more, Sheehan has been holding a vigil awaiting Bush to meet with her while he's vacating on his ranch. Thus far, he has refused to see her. It is gratifying that she has received such great media attention.

There will be a larger vigil in Nashville in Centennial Park, but as my girls and I already had our gathering planned up, I've decided to simply incorporate something I feel strongly about into my at home time with girlfriends.

If you and your family-- chosen, biological or otherwise-- will be making a vigil part of your evening at home, I'd love to hear about it. Please feel free to chime in with a comment.

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  1. We continue to send our love and support across the oceans....
    Along with the hope that questions such as:
    "What the #*^$ are we doing?...." will finally be asked of this administration.
    Then maybe we can bring our soldiers safely home.