Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Luna Moth Sighting.

**Correction: Actually, I believe this is a polyphemus moth. Any of you folks know more???**

This is very like the Luna Moth I saw yesterday evening while walking Bert the Dog.

It was HUGE-- four or five inches across with a gigantically fat body, wonderful fuzziness and feet that looked as if they had little furry pods at the ends.

The moth was in this position, but with the second set of wings tucked under-- and it was BIGGER than this pic, too. S/he was hanging out on the picket fence of a neighbor's home. Sadly, I do not yet have a digital camera with which I'd have captured an image to show here. This pic isn't exactly right, but it's the closest I was able to find this morning to represent what I saw.

I was thrilled when my Mister and Tom House showed up a couple hours later and the moth was still in place, as I'd been itching to share.

I get very excited about such things.


  1. I think you're right -- I think it's a polyphemus moth. I think luna moths are green with extended "tails" on their wings. Great sighting!

  2. Very beautiful.
    Isabel would've flipped over it!

    Check this out:


  3. Looks similar to the moth I spotted downtown that you can see here. I think I narrowed it down to Antheraea polyphemus, but that was just guesswork.