Thursday, August 25, 2005

Hot Tomatoes!!

And here's another one from East Nashville's Tomato Art Festival!! .... Courtesy of the marvelous and artistic Firkins family of Bowling Green, KY. Their teenaged daughter (who took second place in the juried art show for her division) snapped this one of me and her super sassy grandmother who'd shown up in costume last year also! Sister Sassy is pictured here as a Hawaiian Tomato; her underlayer, she informed me, is the suit she uses to teach water aerobics -- "You've got to wear bright colors, so they can see what you're doing under water!" she told me. Dad, Dennis, works in bronze, marble, stainless steel and limestone and Mom, Sandy was kind enough to send the pic along. Thanks, y'all.

Oh, it was hot that day....


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