Sunday, July 17, 2005

This Is How It Goes: Part Three.

Part Three:

Yesterday, I went out to Opry Mills, the big crazy outlet mall, to which I've been maybe twice ever before (both times to run in and buy shoes). My purpose yesterday: to find a pretty colorful frock to update my maternity wardrobe and perhaps find something to wear to my first ever baby shower as the guest of honor.

No such luck. My greatest accomplishment at the mall would have to be a toss up between actually finding my car upon exiting the crazy over-stimulating place and twice stopping to use the restroom and finding toilet paper, soap and hand towels at the ready both times.

At any rate, fortified by half a sandwich from my neighborhood healthfood store, I arrived at my friend Leslie's too early to just pop in (or, so I thought) so I made a game of things and decided to circle the block until I espied Sue's car out front, at which point I'd know I'd not be TOO early.

Thereby, I arrived at Leslie's darling new home at precisely 2:02, finding Sue and Erika both present and lending a hand with what needed doing.

By and by, a clutch of others arrived. We visited, noshed on good stinky cheese and hummus and fruit and crackers. The guests were a mix and match of women from my two Wednesday night groups: the Stitch & Bitch girls, and the 2nd Wednesday group which meets under the auspices of personal and professional goal setting and support. Straight away, Leslie announced that the S & B girls were a bit wilder than the other group, which is true enough, though the 2nd Wednesday women just need to have their spirited-ness prodded slightly; they're a wonderfully engaged and delightful group.

Les prepared a beautiful luncheon of rice pilaf and some scrumptious-I-must-get-some- NOW Barefoot Contessa lemony dressed greens with a deliciously pounded out and prepared chicken breast. She read a beautiful blessing for a new child prior and we all enjoyed one another's company immensely. It made me feel so happy to sit there at the table's head with my tiara shining away and basking in the good company of these fine women. As we had coffee and red velvet cake (adorned by Erika with tiny baby figures), I opened gifts from these magnificent women.

When home again that evening, and sharing details of the shower with my Mister, he oohed and ahhed at these dear women's generous gifts, then hugged me and said, "Thank you for having these good friends who are so kind to us. I don't have any." I told him he was welcome, but that he does in fact have good friends, he's just less in touch with them, which comes as a surprise to no one at all.

This evening I shall go to a consignment sale pre-sale for first time moms only with Emily, who expects her firstborn (a daughter) the same week we'll have our boy. My Mister and I have prepared our list and I have his blessing to deviate as I see fit. I'm lucky, like that.

It doesn't hurt, though, that I made no attempt to get in the way of his going to a sidewalk sale yesterday at Great Escape where he scooped up season 3 of the Sopranos on DVD as well as a Frank Zappa disc (he says it'll be Ziggy's favorite when he's five) and a box of Albert King goodness.

The week ahead holds much busyness in the way of trips to Fayetteville and Oak Ridge for me; La Leche League meeting, a For Kate's Sake benefit dinner (, childbirth education class, Stitch & Bitch here at our place, more putting up of fruit & food preparation (want plenty good stuff in the freezer so we'll eat well when the babe comes and I'm too wiped to cook!) and an appointment with the midwife come week's end.


  1. Melissa3:33 AM


    I'm enjoying your blog. I'm an old friend of Jay Babcock's and I saw your site address from a message you sent out.

    Best wishes to you, mister and baby Ziggy. I have two babes myself, Elias and Diego and a beloved mister too.

    My sister lives in Chattanooga. I love TN.

    Well, thanks again for the great writing,


  2. Thanks so much for the kind words, Melissa. Jay's a good egg and has been a friend for a number of years (he and my Mister aren't related except way back....)

    Holler if you're ever down this way; we'd love to met you and your boy babes.

    be well!
    Ms. BH

  3. A wonderful good time.
    And the cake looks awesome!