Saturday, July 16, 2005

For Kate's Sake.

This afternoon I was given a baby shower by my friend Leslie... it was Lovely.

During the latter part of our visiting, chatting and catching up, one of my girlfriends, Kissy, told those of us who weren't aware about this beautiful and amazing family who live in Nashville-- The story of this family just amazes me--- it's incredibly sad, but also, such a triumph of the human spirit in some beautiful ways.

Doug & Alison Kirk have two little girls, Caroline (age 6) and Kate (age 3). Both girls are afflicted with Nieman-Pick Type A/B, an extremely rare and ultimately fatal disease. Caroline is aleady in an unstoppable decline. Kate, however, has been the beneficiary of donated cord blood, which may just save her life, and could well be an answer for other children. Some amazingly generous Nashvillians have formed a 501 C 3 and are working toward helping this family, and others. If you've gotten this far, I encourage you to learn more here:

There is much to do, much to learn.

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