Wednesday, July 6, 2005

Best Bert.

This is Bert. I'm wildly in love with him and am so glad he came to be part of our family. Last November, one early Sunday morning, I read an email sent out by a woman on our neighborhood list serv. This dear shepherd mix was within one hour of being put down in a shelter in an outlying county.

These types of postings are frequent, yet something about this one demanded immediate attention, and with hardly a word to my Beloved Mister, and without any thought of contacting our landlord, I up and called the list serv poster to offer our home for fostering this down on his luck dog. Jean, who is an avid animal lover and runs a rescue organization for Great Pyranees, simply couldn't pass this boy by, noting him as special. She also told me that his owner had been in an automobile accident, made a parapalegic and after floating from one family member to another, then being chosen and subsequently dropped for a therapy pet program, this not quite year old male pup was in dire need of a place to call home.

Called Sarge by the pound and Thor by Jean, I picked him up from her home a week later; she'd vetted him and loaned us a crate for our foster experience.

It was love immediately. I couldn't part from him again, nor let him stray from a loving home such as ours. Bert, as we now call him, became a forever family member is much adored by all who meet him.

He's feeling puny today, has been since last night. He's got a nasty cough and a warm nose, and he isn't eating much save for a munch down on some grass last night after I'd fallen asleep. At 70 plus pounds and a year and a half old, Bert has no idea how big a creature he is, and only wants to be held and cuddled today. I'm off now to make him some chicken broth prior to departing for my gathering with the Stitch & Bitch girls this evening.

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  1. Bert, you are indeed a fine and handsome dog-fellow.

    And you make a nice picture.